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#2 Brave/Super Cub!

For September's Round Table We Shared Ideas For
October's Scout Law Point and Theme
Scout Law Point: Brave
Theme: Super Cub!

Opening Brain Teaser - This would be a great thing to write on the chalk or white board for boys and parents to have something to think about while they wait for everyone to arrive at a Pack or Den Meeting.  (An idea you could use would be to reward the cub scouts a piece of candy if they get it right).
How many triangles are in the diagram above?
Answer is at the end of this section. (scroll down)
(Brain Teaser taken from: The Little Black Book of Mindbenders by John Samson and Elsie Samson; pg. 84)

Gathering Activity - Jokes
Write the questions on a board. and have everyone try to guess the answer. Then sometime during the meeting tell everyone the answers.
Imagine you are in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. Which superhero would you need to survive?
A: You don’t need a superhero at all. Just stop imagining that!
Q: What is light as a feather, but even the strongest hero can’t hold it more than a few seconds?
A: His breath!
Q: What is a policeman’s favorite snack?
A: Copcakes.
Q: What kind of food do brave soldiers eat?
A: Hero sandwiches.
Q: When does a police dog not look like a police dog?
A: When it is an undercover agent.

Flag Ceremony

Materials: large cards spelling out H-E-R-O, with lines on the back for Cub Scouts to read as they hold up their signs:
Cub #1: H - Help is on the way. A hero is someone who helps.
Cub #2: E - Everyone can be a hero. You just have to be prepared and know that you can make a difference.
Cub #3: R - Remember that even brave people can be afraid. It is taking action even when you are scared that makes you brave.
Cub #4: O - One person can make a difference. One person who helps can change someone’s world.
Please stand and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Scout Oath.
Wolf Elective Adventure: Hometown Heros - Requirement 1
Talk with your family and den about what it means to you to be a hero.  Share the name of someone you believe is a hero.  Explain what it is that make s that person a hero.
Webelos Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: - Build My Own Hero - Requirement 1

Discover what it means to be a hero.  Invite a local hero to meet with your den.
Webelos Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: - Build My Own Hero - Requirement 2
Identify how citizens can be heroes in their communities.
Webelos Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: - Build My Own Hero - Requirement 4

Learn about a real-life hero from another part of the world who has helped make the world a better place.

Webelos Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: - Build My Own Hero - Requirement 5
Learn about a Scout Hero.

Super Hero Tree

This craft would be an awesome idea for either a pack or den meeting.  The ornaments can be made as a gathering activity.  Then at the next pack or den meeting/s, the boys can put an ornament on the tree for each service they did in between their meetings.

A copy of the Hero Logo Circles & the Tree Star/Circle page, E600 glue, scissors, 1 inch hole punch, color pencils, decorative string, bottle caps, 1.25mm metal hole punch & Clear Circle Epoxy Stickers.  You will also need which is not shown in the picture, thread & needle, Elmer's glue and a small Christmas tree.
Click here to print out the Hero Logo Circle page:

Click here to print out the Tree Star/Circle page:


1) Take the Tree Star/Circle page and either cut out the stars or the circles.

2) Put glue along one of the shape's backside edge except on the bottom. The put the two together.  While it is drying, you may want to put a stack of books on top so it dries flat.

3) Cut pieces of paper with the Logo Circles for the cub scouts to color or design their own  super hero logo.

4) Using the 1 inch hole punch cut out the colored & printed Logo Circles.

5) Using E600 glue, glue the paper Logo circles inside the bottle caps.

6) Peel off the epoxy circle stickers and put one over each paper logo circle in the bottle caps.

7) Using the 1.25mm metal hole punch, punch two holes side by side in the bottle cap.  Make sure they are at the top of the logo design glued inside.
8) Thread your decorative string through the two holes.  - If you got a Decorative string that unravels easily and will not go through the two bottle cap holes you just made, like I did, follow these steps to help out.

8a) Thread a needle and tie a knot in the thread about an inch and a half from the needle. 
8b) Take the decorative string and put it through the loop you created with the thread.

8c)Pull the decorative string through the hole in the bottle cap with the needle and thread.

8d)Once you get the decorative string through both holes, tie a knot with both ends of the decorative string to make an ornament you can hang on a tree.

9) Repeat steps for each bottle cap.
10) Once done you can have the cub scouts put a Hero Ornament on the tree for every good turn they do.
Tiger Required Adventure: Tiger Team - Requirement 5
Do an activity to help your community or neighborhood team.
Tiger Elective Adventure: - Earning Your Stripes - Requirement 3
With your adult partner, decide on one new task you can do to help your family, and do it.
Tiger Elective Adventure: - Earning Your Stripes - Requirement 6
With your adult partner and den, work on a service project for your pack's meeting place or chartered organization.
 Tiger Elective Adventure: - Earning Your Stripes - Requirement 5
Participate in a service project.
Wolf Adventure: - Council Fire - Requirement 4b
Work together on a community service project.
Wolf Adventure: - Council Fire - Requirement 6b
Make your own recycling center, or contribute to an existing one.
Wolf Adventure: - Duty to God Footsteps - Requirement 2a
Give two ideas on how you can practice your duty to God.  Choose one, and do it for a week.
Wolf Elective Adventure: - Cubs Who Care - Requirement 1
With the members of your den, visit with a person who has a physical disability.
Wolf Elective Adventure: - Hometown Heroes - Requirement 1
Talk with your family and den about what it means to you to be a hero.  Share the name of someone you believe is a hero.  Explain what it is that makes that person a hero.
Wolf Elective Adventure: - Hometown Heroes - Requirement 4
As a den or family, honor a serviceman or servicewoman by sending a care package along with a note thanking them for their service.
Wolf Elective Adventure: - Hometown Heroes - Requirement 6
Participate in or create an event that celebrates your hometown hero(es).
Bear Adventure: - Fellowship & Duty to God - Requirement 2a
Working with a parent or guardian, spiritual advisor, or religious leader, provide service to help a place of worship or spiritual community, school, community organization, or chartered organization that puts into practice your ideals of duty to God and strengthens your fellowship with others.
Bear Adventure: - Paws for Action - Requirement 2bv
If you have younger brothers and sisters, make sure they know how to call for help in an emergency.
Bear Adventure: - Paws for Action - Requirement 3b
Do a cleanup project that benefits your community.
Webelos Adventure: - Walkabout - Requirement 7
Complete a service project on or near the hike location.
Webelos Arrow of Light Adventure: Building a Better World - Requirement 8
With the assistance of your den leader or parent, participate in an event that would help lead others in recycling and conserving resources.
Webelos Arrow of Light Adventure: - Duty to God in Action - Requirement 2e
Under the direction of your parents, guardian, or religious or spiritual leader, do an act of service for someone in your family, neighborhodd, or community.  Talk about your service with your family and your Webelos den leader. Tell your famiy, den, or den leader how it related to doing your duty to God.
Webelos Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: - Award and Care - Requirement 7g

Participate in a service project that focuses on a specific disability.
Webelos Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: - Fix It - All requirements
Webelos Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: - Project Family - Requirement 3
Show your understanding of your duty to family by creating a chart listing the jobs that you and other family members have at home.  Chjoose three of the jobs you are responsible for, and chart them for two weeks.
Webelos Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: - Project Family - Requirement 4
Select ONE of the jobs below that belongs to another family member, and help that person complete it: a)Create a grocery shopping list for the week. b)Complete the laundry for your family one time. c)Help prepare meals for your family for one day.
Webelos Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: - Project Family - Requirement 5

Create a list of community service or conservation projects that you and your family can do together, and present it to your family.  Select one project, plan it, and complete it with your family.
Webelos Arrow of Light Elective Adventure: - Project Family - Requirement 6

With the help of an adult, inspect your home and its surroundings.  Make a list of hazards or security problems you find.  Correct one problem you found, and tell what you did.

Arrow of Light Ceremony - Glow Bracelets Inside Pop Bottles
Materials: A copy of the Ceremony (Click here to print it out:, a small flash light to read the ceremony in the dark, 7 - 2liter Pop Bottles (Save the caps.  This will help the water from pouring out if the bottles get knocked over.), Goof Off cleaner, clear plastic wrap, water, 2 to 3 glow bracelets of each of these colors:  green, orange, blue, purple/pink, white, yellow & red.  After Holidays, especially Halloween & Forth of July, they would have discount sales on these.

1) Clean off the label of the 2-liter pop bottles with "Goof Off".

2) Stuff some clear plastic wrap into the bottles.  The clear plastic wrap gives more surfaces for the light from the glow bracelets to bounce off it making it brighter.  (Note: You do not have to use the clear plastic wrap if you do not want to).
3) Pour some water into the bottles and fill it to the top. Then put the lid on.
4) As you do the ceremony, crack the glow bracelets and stuff them into the bottle.  It will be somewhat difficult to stuff the glow bracelets inside so I would suggest you try stuffing along the inside walls of the bottle.

PVC Person

Click on this link for the Diagram and plans:

Click on this link for the 'Super Hero' sign:


You can use this PVC Person as a display for many Cub Scout meetings as well as Scout meetings.  You can tape a sign where the head is supposed to go to get a point across.  As far as the color of the PVC person goes, I like yellow for Cub Scouts and orange for Scouts.  These colors help their uniforms stand out. 
Audience Participation - CYBER HERO STORY
Divide the audience into six groups. Assign each group a part to perform when their designated word is read in the story. Have the groups practice their motions and words before the story begins. The narrator should say the key words with great drama and pause to signal the groups.
Message: Swing one arm rapidly in a circle and say, “You’ve got mail!”
Computer: Stand straight up, arms at your sides, and say, “Beep!”
School: Hold arms overhead, swing back and forth, and say, “Ding-dong!”
Teacher: Cup your hands around an imaginary apple and say, “Thanks for the apple!”
Virus: With arms out in front, wiggle your fingers and say, “Glub, glub!”
Cubby: Stand and give the Cub Scout salute, and say, “Do Your Best!”

One morning, a young boy named Josh got up early and checked his email to see if he had a new MESSAGE. Josh turned on his COMPUTER and dialed his SCHOOL. The MESSAGE from his TEACHER came back immediately: “Emergency! Every COMPUTER in the SCHOOL has got a VIRUS!” The young man knew this was no ordinary disaster, so he turned off his COMPUTER and quickly changed into his special superhero costume. Josh became CUBBY, the Fearless VIRUS Catcher. When CUBBY arrived at SCHOOL, he spotted his TEACHER.
In his deepest voice, he said, “Good morning, ma’am, I received a MESSAGE that this SCHOOL has a  COMPUTER VIRUS.” “Why, it’s CUBBY!” she said, “the Fearless VIRUS Catcher! Right this way.” The TEACHER led him quickly to the COMPUTER lab. CUBBY pretended he didn’t know his way around the SCHOOL, just to protect his secret identity. CUBBY leaped into action! Neatly folding his cape, he turned into a stream of electrons and entered the nearest COMPUTER like a lightning bolt! Looking out through the monitor screen, CUBBY could see his TEACHER gasp in surprise. Then he looked inward, and over in the corner by the memory chips slouched the nasty VIRUS! CUBBY grabbed the VIRUS by its tail and trapped it in his special Containment Unit. Immediately, he sent a MESSAGE to his TEACHER: “One COMPUTER freed, nine to go.” The SCHOOL was going crazy, as word of the VIRUS hunt spread. From COMPUTER to COMPUTER he jumped, trapping each VIRUS, then sending a MESSAGE to his TEACHER: “Another COMPUTER saved!” Finally, CUBBY was down to the last VIRUS, but it was nowhere to be found. He crawled through the COMPUTER, searching behind the power supply, around the hard drive, and through the circuits. At last CUBBY spotted the VIRUS on a floppy disk in the disk drive. Letting out a fierce yell, CUBBY jumped on the VIRUS and wrestled it into his special Containment Unit. Exhausted, CUBBY  materialized in front of his TEACHER, dragging the smoking Containment Unit holding all the VIRUSES. “I got the last one, ma’am,” he said proudly. “You truly are a superhero!” cried the TEACHER. “All in a day’s work,” said CUBBY, as he rushed off to change. A few moments later, Josh wandered into the room saying, “Hey, it looks like I missed all the excitement.” The TEACHER scratched her chin and thought to herself, “I wonder why Josh is never around when CUBBY is chasing a VIRUS. ...”
Wolf Adventure - Howling at the Moon - Requirement 4
Practice and perform your role for a pack campfire program.
Bear Adventure: - Bear Necessities - Requirement 2
Attend a campfire show, and participate by performing a song or skit with your den.
Webelos Arrow of Light Adventure: Camper - Requirement 4
On a pack campout, work with your den leader or another adult to plan a campfire program with the other dens. Your campfire program should include an impressive opening, songs, skits, a Cubmaster's minute, and an inspirational closing ceremony.

High-Definition Applause:  The group yells several times, "Brave and loyal, strong and true!"
Superhero Applause: Hold arms out in front and upward and yell, "Fly into action, superhero!"
Super-scout: Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It's Super-scout!
Opening Brain Teaser Answer: 16

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