Sunday, January 4, 2015

Resourcefulness/LIttler to Glitter

                                         FOR JANUARY'S ROUND TABLE WE SHARED IDEAS FOR

                    Core Value: Resourcefulness
                     Theme: Litter to Glitter


For template to make copies click here:
Materials: BINGO Board for each participant.
• The purpose of the game is to meet people and learn about them.
• The object is to make as many bingos as you can.
• Try to complete the board or make X bingos.
• How to play: Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know, strike up a conversation, and then tell them, “Say, you look like someone who might. …”
• A person can only sign once!
• The center square is free. Sign it now!


Materials: 6 large cards with the letters to spell out LITTER on one side and the Cub Scouts’ lines on the other side in large print; one large card with the capital letter G in glitter on one side, and Cub Scout #7’s lines on the other side. The cards that spell LITTER can be decorated with litter-like materials (wadded up paper or tinfoil, bottle caps, torn labels). The card with the letter G is decorated with glitter. The boys can draw pictures on the front of the cards as well. Six Cub Scouts line up, holding the cards that spell LITTER.
Cub #1 (holding L):
Let’s all
Cub #2 (holding I):
Invest our
Cub #3 (holding T):
Time and
Cub #4 (holding T):
Talents to
Cub #5 (holding E):
Embellish, Enhance and
Cub #6 (holding R):
Recycle and Re-use
Leader (from the side):
And then what will happen?
Cub Scout #7, holding the G card, enters and stands next to the L to spell GLITTER.

Cub #7: We will turn Litter into Glitter.


Materials: a recycle bin full of clean aluminum cans (for example, soda pop cans) for each team. If you’re short on cans, this activity can be done one team at a time. At a signal, Cub Scouts have 2 minutes to stack the cans one atop another.

Individual: Each Cub Scout on a team takes a turn at building a tower by stacking the cans. The boy who builds the tallest tower then represents his team in a final team-against-team stacking competition.

Team: Each den/team builds a tower by stacking cans one atop the other. The den/team with the tallest stack wins.

1) Litter to Glitter Cheer: Divide the audience into two.  one group yells, "There's some Litter!" The second group yell, "Make it glitter!"  Repeat 3x getting louder each time.

2) Carpenter Cheer: Pretend to be holding a hammer in one hand and a nail in the other.  Start pounding the nail with the hammer while saying, "Bang, bang, ouch!"

3) Recycle Cheer:  "Use it up, wear it out! Make it do, or do without!"

7 - #10 cans or large coffee cans (Stores that sell bulk items also have large cans).
12 plastic lids (big butter tub lids work to)
Plaster or Cement
2 Pipe cleaners
2 large flaps from a cardboard box
1 inch PVC Pipe at least 2 1/2  feet long (This one will be cut up into small pieces).
1/2 inch PVC pipe 6 feet long

1 can brown spray paint
Blue Tape
Duct Tape
Then anything you want to use to decorate the faces.
First Make the decision to A. build the totem pole yourself and label each can on the back with a den duty assignment or B. give the boys a can to create their own face when they enter your Den.  Then when they leave, they get to keep their can. If you choose A, then print off the blank mustaches and write the names of the boys on them.  If you choose B. Then print off the mustaches with the den duties on them.  The Den duties are rotated among the boys by switching the mustaches around.

Mark and Cut PVC Pipe
Start by taking a 1 inch PVC Pipe and cut a piece that is 6 inches longer than the can, so when the cement/plaster is dried, you can carry it by grabbing the PVC pipe. (The picture shown is of a different project and that's why the PVC pipe looks larger than 1inch diameter. However, I liked the idea of extending the PVC pipe beyond the can so you can grab it to carry it that I decided to go ahead and use this picture). Then take the rest of the 1 inch PVC pipe and cut 5 small pieces 1 1/2 inches in length and 2 more pieces at 2 inches in length. 
 Fill Can With Cement or Plaster
Take the PVC pipe that you just cut which is the height of the #10 can and tape off both ends using blue painters tape.  This will keep the cement or plaster from getting inside the tube when you pour the cement or plaster in the can.  Mix your cement or plaster and pour it in the can. If you do not have enough plaster or cement, you can use rocks to create fill. (If the PVC Pipe tends to float up while pouring the cement or plaster, tape it criss-cross with blue painters tape across the top securing the tape to the sides of the can).  After pouring the cement or plaster, take off the blue painters tape on the top end of the PVC pipe making sure to not let any cement or plaster fall inside.   Let this harden for few days. Then with a hammer, pound in the edge of the #10 can to secure the dried cement/plaster inside.
Preparing the PVC Top Piece
Take two pipe cleaners and twist one end of each together to make one long piece.  Then take one of the 2" PVC pipe pieces and tape one end with duct tape.  Poke a tinny hole in the duct tape to the side.  Then stick one end of the pipe cleaner in the hole.  Wrap the pipe cleaner around the PVC 2" piece and fold the other end inside the bottom of the PVC pipe tube.  Secure with a small piece of duct tape.  Set aside for painting later.
Preparing The Wings
Cut off two long flaps from a card board box.  Draw the wings as shown above.  Make sure the extended arm can clear the cans.  Then cut the end of the arm in half about 1 1/2 - 2 inches on both wings.  Fit them together as shown and use duct tape to tape one side.  Flip over and place the other 2" PVC pipe piece inside wrapping the flaps around it.  Tape with duct tape.  Set aside for painting later.
Preparing Cans and Lids
Cut out the bottom end of 6 more #10 cans or coffee cans. Then using the end of the 1/2 inch PVC Pipe as a template, cut out a circle in the middle of 12 plastic lids.
After the cement/plaster base has completely dried and solidified, spray paint everything as shown.  You do not need to paint the cans if you decide to have the boys build a robot looking face.  BE SURE TO TELL THE BOYS TO LEAVE ENOUGH SPACE BETWEEN THE NOSE AND THE MOUTH FOR A MUSTACHE when making their face. *Note: when making a robot face, first make a hole with a nail then use screws, nuts and bolts to secure in place.
Assembling the Totem Pole
After the paint has dried and after all the cans have been decorated with a face, place a plastic lid on both ends of each can. Then place the long 6 foot PVC pipe inside the 1 inch PVC pipe in the cement/plaster can.  Then side on one can decorated with a face. Next, slide on one of the  1" PVC pipe pieces which will create separation between cans.  Then slide on another 'face' can. Repeat until the top can is left.  Before putting on the top can, slide the wings on.  After the top can has been slid in place, place the topper PVC/pipe cleaner piece on.  (Note: Because I learned about extending the pole in the cement/plaster can after doing this project, unlike the picture, you will have a 6 inch space between the base and the first 'face' can.  If you do not want this, just cut the hole in the lids a little bit wider on that bottom 'face' can. You will also need to shorten the pole that extends up through all the face cans). Yeah! You now have an awesome totem pole to use for your den. :)
Print off template and cut them out.  Use tape to secure to face of can. 

 Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Art Explosion - requirement 3d
"Create a freestanding sculpture or mobile using wood, metal, papier-mâché, or found or recycled objects'. If the Webelos do thier own can, they can pass this off.

Materials: 3 wood skewers, 2 bendable straws, 6 small beads, two empty cans that held chicken pieces (bought at Sam's Club or Costco), two small containers (these can either be the ones from Little Caesars that they put their marinara sauce in or fruit cup containers), 4 popsicle sticks, 2 pieces of string about 12 inches long, one small stirring straw, thin cardboard to make arrow, spool.  Tools you will need, scissors, glue gun, super glue, nail, red marker and hammer.

Take one of the wooden skewers and cut off a piece that is 5 inches long.  Using a glue gun put some glue along one end of this skewer and place it into the short end of the bendable straw.  Do the same with the other side of the skewer and ANOTHER straw.  *Note: if you want to have less friction, BEFORE you apply the glue and place the ends in the straws, cut the short end of the bendable straws to allow space for the spool to sit only on the wooden skewer. For the legs of the scale, take another skewer and apply glue to one end and stick it in the long end of one of the straws.  Do the same with the last skewer.

Using the glue gun, adhere a Popsicle stick on each end of the spool.  Be sure not to cover the middle hole of the spool.  Then on top of those two Popsicle sticks near one end glue another Popsicle stick.  Do the same on the other side.  Afterwards, glue the beads fairly close to the ends of the two top Popsicle sticks.  Taking the skinny stirring straw, cut it in half.  From cardboard, cut out a small triangle and color it red.  Glue the triangle to one end of the skinny straw. Then glue the skinny straw to the middle of the Popsicle stick which was secured to the spool.   Lastly, take the spool contraption that you just made and slide it up one skewer/straw leg to the middle of both skewer/straw legs, through the hole in the middle of the spool.

Next take the two cans and using a nail the SIZE OF YOUR WOODEN SKEWERS, hammer a hole in the middle.  On the top of the can, using super glue, place the beads over the holes you made in each can.  Note: the hole of the beads needs to be about the same diameter as the hole you made in the cans. Also, the skewer/straw legs need to be able to slide through when dry.  Hint: So that you do not touch the super glue, use the end of a skewer to slide the bead in place so it's hole is directly over the hole in the can.

For the holding cups, make two holes on either side of each cup and thread a piece of string through it tying a know at each hole. 

To Assemble.  Stick the skewer legs through the bead and can.  If the cans slide around, so will the legs.  They are only held in place by the combination of the can, bead and table.  Then slip each string holding the cups over the beads.

Using small items and money figure out how much money you will need to place in one cup to equal the weight of the small item in the other cup.  Variations on this idea can be done and small games can be made up so have fun with it.  (The orgianl idea was found on pintrest at The scale on this blog was made with chicken cans & small beads for the base instead of large beads).

Wolf Elective Adventure: Code of the Wolf - requirement 1a

With the members of your den or family, make a game with simple materials that requires math to keep score".
Wolf Elective Adventure: Code of the Wolf -requirement 1e

"Make a rain gauge or some other measuring device, and use it".

Bear Elective Adventure: Make It Move  - requirement 3

"Make a lever by creating a seesaw using a spool and a wooden paint stirrer. Explore the way it balances by placing different objects on each end".


Materials Needed:
1) Collect colored bottle caps for the invitations. 
2) Collect clear bottle water caps for the Table Name Tags.
4) Cereal Box Cardboard
5) Colored Markers (For the invitations)
6) Black Marker (For the Table Name Tags)
7) Scissors
8) Glue
9) Sheet of ideas of the kind of animals you can make click here:

Name Tags
For each Table Name Tag, using the cardboard from a cereal box, cut a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 piece. Fold this in half with the brown side showing. Then cut a piece of white paper to go on one side of the folded name tag as shown above. Glue the bottle cap off to the Left side leaving enough space to draw your animal. Use the colored markers to draw your animal. On the right side, write the name of the person.

For the Invitations, Take a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of white card stock.  Cut it into 4 exact same size pieces.  Pick the animal you want to make and the corresponding colored bottle cap.  Using the idea sheet and a black marker draw your animal.  then write in the Date, Time, When, Where your Blue and Gold Banquet will be.


Wolf Adventure: Council Fire  - requirement 5c
"Create a den project from recyclables for a pack meeting."