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For each round table I send out an email 2 weeks ahead of time with the information you need to prepare your portion of roundtable.  It is really easy and fun to do.
CONTACT Jennie Bills or Kai Morgan if interested.

2016Nov - Courteous/ Cubs in Shining Armor/Recognition

For October's Round Table We Shared Ideas For
November's Scout Law Point: Courteous
November's Theme: Cubs in Shining Armor
November's Interest Topic: Recognition

Opening Brain Teaser - This would be a great thing to write on the chalk or white board for boys and parents to have something to think about while they wait for everyone to arrive at a Pack or Den Meeting.  (An idea you could use would be to reward the cub scouts a piece of candy if they get it right).
Riddle:  What gets wetter as it dries? (The riddle answer can be found by entering the missing letter in each word over the corresponding numbered space below.)
___      ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
 1          2       3    4     5     6
1. ___PPLE     2. RESUL___     3. ___VAL     4. ___EIGHT    5. SING___R
6. GUI___T
 *Answer is at the end of this section. (scroll down)
(Brain Teaser taken from: The Little Black Book of Mindbenders by John Samson and Elsie Samson; pg. 29)

Gathering Activity
Award/Patch Matching Activity
Print off pages 77 - 81 of the 2016 - 2017 Cub Scout Round Table Planning Guide:   Cut up the sheets as directed  to make cards.  Mix up the cards and have a pile of cards with just names and another pile with the pictures. Then have everyone take turns  matching them up.  You also have the option to play a game of concentration by mixing up the cards, turning them over.  Then have everyone taking turns choosing which two cards to turn face up and see if they can find a match. 

Cubs of the Round Table Board

Using cardstock paper or poster board paper you can use this board for many things. Some examples are:  1)To post your pack's news letter. 2) To post a Cub Scout spot light. (Click here for samples of spot light questions you can ask: and )  3) To post a flyer for a cub scout carnival. 4) To place a sheet for the Cub Scouts to sign their name after they memorize the Scout Law. If you do this one, use a dark colored cardstock sheet of paper and a metallic pen for the boys to sign their names with.

a wooden board 24"x18", 2 large paint sticks (I got mine from Home Depot), 2 small paint sticks, 220 grit sand paper, black duct tape, a light wood finish stain, Wood finish Lacquer, hand drill, 4 3/4" screws, miter saw or hand saw, wood burning tool, pen.
Not shown in picture: throw away gloves for stain, a rag to apply stain, a sponge brush for lacquer, steel wool, pencil, black marker, paper cutter, paper with words that will be burned into the wood, a miter saw or hand saw, wood glue, silver spray paint, scissors to cut the duct tape and blue painters tape.


1) Print out the words to be burned in the board by clicking here:
2) With a paper cutter to cut straight lines, cut the strips of paper with the words on them.  Then turn them over and with a pencil, scribble on the back of the strips of paper so the letters are completely covered with lead. If it is hard to see the words from the back side of the paper, put them up to a window.

3) Using a ruler, turn the pieces of paper over for the first line and place them on the board exactly where you want to wood burn the words into the board.
4) Using the pencil, trace the outside of the letters of "Cub Scout."  When you remove the paper you should see where you traced as shown in the picture.

5) After all the words for the 'first line' are on the board, then you can start to wood burn them in the wood. (For the words, "Cub Scout," I first wood burned the outline and then I wood burned decorative straight lines throughout each letter).

6) Repeat steps 3 through 5 for the second line of words.

7) Repeat for the Scout Law. The only difference is that you need not outline the words.

8) Using a rag and some throw away gloves, lightly Stain your board front and back and let it dry according to the instructions on the can of the wood stain.  I used a very light stain so the words would be very visible.  After the stain dries, brush on the first layer of lacquer.  After it dries, sand it with 220 grit sand paper and lacquer it a second time.  After the second coat dries, sand it one more time, after which scrub it with steel wool.  The steel wool will make it very smooth.

9) On both of the large paint sticks, with a pen draw a 90 degree line across the ruler at the 4.5 line.  Then draw2 diagonal lines from this line to the edge of the ruler as shown. Note: I did not draw a point because I did not want the sword to be too sharp. Cut with either a Miter Saw or Hand Saw.
10) Then take the 4.5 pieces of wood and cut them to be 4 inches long

11) Glue the 4 inch piece of wood on the large paint stick right at the point where the wood curves in.  This will make the handle short, but perfect for the board we are making. Let this dry for a day.

12) Sand the blade of the swords as well as sand and round up the tip.  Then sand the small paint sticks. Lastly, spray paint them silver.


13) W
rap some black duct tape strips around the handle of the sword. I found that placing a piece across the top middle and over all the ends first before wrapping pieces around was helpful.

14) With a black marker, place a dot 1 & 6/8 inches from the handle.  Then place another dot 9 & 7/8 inches from the handle as seen in the picture. (These will be for the screws).

15) Position the small paint sticks on the main board so that they are centered horizontally and allow enough space in between them for an 8.5 x11 piece of cardstock plus 1/8 of an inch. The swords will be placed on top of these small paint sticks.  (Putting the small paint sticks in between the main board and the swords will allow enough space to slide in an 8.5x11 piece of paper or a piece of poster board). Once the placement of the small paint sticks is decided on, secure with blue painters tape.


16) Center and Place the swords horizontally over the small paint sticks and secure with blue painters tape.  Note the sword on the bottom needs to be placed so the bottom edge of the small paint stick and the bottom edge of the sword match up. Then the top sword needs to be placed to that the top edge of the small paint stick and the top edge of the sword match up. (This will create a little lips to catch the top and bottom edge of the cardstock paper or poster board that you will slide in between the two swords).

17) First drill a pilot hole where you placed to the two black marker dots on each sword. This will help keep the wood from splitting when you drill in the screws.  Note: The pilot hole needs to be the right size.  If it is too small the wood will split anyway.
18) Then drill in the screws.
19) Then unscrew it and take off the blue tape. Then re-screw everything back together.  You are done!! 

Tiger Adventure - My Family's Duty to God - Requirement 2
Find out what makes each member of your family special. (Post a Spot Light sheet of a Cub Scout).
Tiger Elective Adventure - Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries - Requirement 2
Create an invitation to a magic show. (Post the invitation on the Cub of the Round Table board.)
Tiger Elective Adventure - Good Knights - Requirement 1a
With your den or adult partner, say the Scout Law.  Explain to your den one of the 12 points of the Law and why you think a knight would have the same behavior. (You can post a scout law point every month and what it means on the board)
Tiger Elective Adventure - Good Knights - Requirement 1b
If you have not already done so, make a code of conduct with your den that will describe how each person should act when you are all together.  If your den has a code of conduct, discuss with your den the updates it might need.  Vote on which actions should go in your den code of conduct. 
Bear Elective Adventure - Grin and Bear It - Requirement 2
Working with the members of your den, organize a Cub Scout carnival and lead it at a special event. (You could use the board to post an advertisement for the Carnival).
Bear Elective Adventure - Baloo the Builder - Requirement 1
Discover which hand tools are the best ones to have in your toolbox.  Learn the rules for using these tools safely.  Practice with at least four of these tools before beginning a project.
Bear Elective Adventure - Baloo the Builder - Requirement 2
Select, plan, and define the materials for the projects you will complete in requirement 3.
Bear Elective Adventure - Baloo the Builder - Requirement 3
Assemble your materials, and build one useful project and one fun project using wood.
Bear Elective Adventure - Baloo the Builder - Requirement 4
Apply a finish to one of your wood projects.
Webelos/AOL  Elective Adventure - Build It - Requirement 2
With the guidance of your Webelos den leader, parent, or guardian, select a carpentry project and build it.
Webelos/AOL  Elective Adventure - Build It - Requirement 3
List the tools that you use safely as you build your project; create a list of materials needed to build your project.
Webelos/AOL  Elective Adventure - Build It - Requirement 4
Put a check mark next to the tools on your list that you used for the first time.

Cub Scout Ribbon for Mothers

 I made one of these for me when my boys were in cub scouts and found it to be very handy.  First of all, all I had to do was grab it and put it on over my head.  Second, when it came time for my boys to put the pins on "their mother" there was not a guessing game or embarrassing moment trying to find a place where the pins should go. Lastly, I was able to keep all the pins in one place and they never got lost.  Now that my boys are no long in Cub Scouts or Scouts, whenever I see it in my drawer, it brings back good memories and gives me reason to smile. 
blue ribbon (I looked for sales in the fabric store),Eagle symbol patch/decal (bought at the scout shop), measuring tape, sewing machine and thread.
1) cut the ribbon 40 inches long.
2) Drape it over your neck and pin the two ends together. The ends of your ribbon will not match up. 

3)Sew the two ends together stitching in a triangular fashion. Then cut off the ends so they are straight.

4) Place the Eagle patch/decal on the ribbon with the bottom of the decal touching the ends of the ribbons. Then sew on with a zig zag stitch.
 - This would be a great gift to give to new mothers in the cub scout program.  I believe it would promote enthusiasm and a desire to help their boys earn belt loops, patches and pins.

Audience Participation/Game
This is a medieval version of beanbag toss.  For the target, make two large cardboard cutouts of a castle with several window of various sizes cut into it.  Use beanbags or foam balls as the "mace." to be thrown through the windows.  Divide up the cub scouts into two teams.  Each cub scout gets to throw a bean bag three times.  A point is given for each bean bag thrown through a window.  After all the cub scouts on each team have taken their turn, add up the points.  The team with the most points wins.  (This idea was taken from the 2016 November Pack Meeting Plans).
Tiger Elective Adventure - Tiger-iffic! - Requirement 2
Play a board game or another inside game with one or more members of your den.
Tiger Elective Adventure - Tiger Tag - Requirement 1
Choose one active game you like, and tell your den about it.
Tiger Elective Adventure - Tiger Tales - Requirement 5
Play a game from the past.
Wolf Elective Adventure - Code of the Wolf - Requirement 1a
With the members of your den or family, make a game with simple materials that requires math to keep score.
 Wolf Elective Adventure - Paws of Skill - Requirement 5
With your den, talk about sportsmanship and what it means to be a good sport while playing a game or a sport.  Share with your den how you were a good sport or demonstrated good sportsmanship in requirement 4.
Bear Adventure: - Grin and Bear it - Requirement 1
Play a challenge game or initiative game with the members of your den.  Take part in a reflection after the game.
Bear Adventure: - Grin and Bear it - Requirement 2
Working with the members of your den, organize a Cub Scout carnival and lead it at a special event.

Bear Adventure: - Grin and Bear it - Requirement 3
Help younger Cub Scouts take part in one of the events at the Cub Scout carnival.
Bear Elective Adventure: - Roaring Laughter - Requirement 4
With a partner, play a game that makes you laugh.
Webelos Adventure: - Stronger, Faster, Higher - Requirement 5
With adult guidance, lead younger Scouts in a fitness game or games as a gathering activity for a pack or den meeting.

Cheers / Run-ons
BRAVO APPLAUSE:  Everyone shouts, "Bravo, Bravo!" gradually getting louder. End with huge clapping.
YOU DID GOOD JOB APPLAUCE: Everyone says, " You did gooooooooooooooood!" (in fluctuating their voice) and then hand bumps the person next to him/her.JB

Great Idea Shared In One of the Breakouts

Jump Start Jar
Ever Wonder what to do with your cub scouts when you need a 3 to 5 minutes filler.  Just have one of your cubscouts pull out a piece of paper with an idea from this jar.
Click here to see paper with ideas you can cut up:

Opening Brain Teaser Answer: A TOWEL

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2017Oct - Kind/Creepy Crawlers/Cub Scout Hiking

For September's Round Table We Shared Ideas For
October's Scout Law Point: Kind
October's Theme: Creepy Crawlers
October's Scout Law Point:
Cub Scout Hiking

Opening Brain Teaser - This would be a great thing to write on the chalk or white board for boys and parents to have something to think about while they wait for everyone to arrive at a Pack or Den Meeting.  (An idea you could use would be to reward the cub scouts a piece of candy if they get it right).
AFTER AND BEFORE: What word goes after the first word and before the second to form two new common words or phrases?
*Answer is at the end of this section. (scroll down)
(Brain Teaser taken from: The Little Black Book of Mindbenders by John Samson and Elsie Samson; pg. 8)
Gathering Activity #1
Inchworm Pencil Craft - see Resources in the Pack Meeting Plans found online:

Gathering Activity #2
Hula Hoop Spider Web - Take some masking tape and make a spider web inside it making sure the sticky side of the masking tape is facing the same direction.  Set up the hula hoop somewhere in the room where the boys can throw cotton balls at it and try to get them to stick to the web.  mark off a line with the tape 5 five feet from the hula hoop on the floor for the boys to throw the cotton balls from. To see a picture of this craft go to this site on Pintrest:

Flag Ceremony Idea
Materials: Four Cub Scouts, each with a poster with a large letter for his direction on it. On the back, the following is written for each boy to read.
Cubmaster: Finding our way to our destination in the park is aided by the use of a compass, which shows the four directions—north, south, east, and west.
(Each Cub Scout enters from his side of the room or outdoor area, holding one of four posters. with a large letter for his direction on it. On the back, the following is written for each boy to read):
Cub Scout 1 (“E”): I represent the East. From me comes the sun each day, giving light to all living things to help them to be strong and healthy.
Cub Scout 2 (“S”): I represent the South. From me comes heat and rain, so all living things have warmth and water to drink.
Cub Scout 3 (“N”): I represent the North. From me comes cold and snow, so all living things can experience coolness and the beauty of winter.
Cub Scout 4 (“W”): I represent the West. To me, the sun comes at the end of each day, giving the world darkness so all living things can rest.
Cubmaster: We gather from all directions, joined together in the Law of the Pack. Will everyone please stand, give the Cub Scout sign, and join me in reciting the Law of the Pack.
2013 - 2014 Cub Scout Roundtable Guide; page 104

Insects are Fun!
Picture of Beetle Next to Hand
Imagine our surprise when our family found this Palo Verde Rootborer Beetle just outside our garage.  It was huge.  I took a picture of it next to my husband's hand so everyone would believe me when I told them how large it was!  Cool Right! So when I found a picture of the exact beetle while putting this craft together, I had fun learning a couple of facts about it.  It can live underground for as long as three years feeding on roots and then they come out for mating. So I guess when we found it by our garage is was in search of its sweetheart. :) This is what we want to share with our cub scouts - that insects are fun!
Hike Insect Necklace

Materials: Picture of insects on CARDSTOCK paper(1 per cub scout), black marker, 1 sandwich bag per cub scout, yarn, scissors, paper cutter and a hole punch.

Click Here for a copy of the Insect page:

2) Print out one Insect page on cardstock per cub scout going on the hike.

3) Write each cub scout's name on their own sandwich bag.

4) Either using scissors or a paper cutter, cut up the Insect page.

5) Using a hole punch, punch a hole, indicated by the circle, in each section.
6) Cut a piece of yarn approximately 2 feet and 8 inches long for each cub scout.
7) Put the yarn and insect pieces into the baggie.
When you go on the hike with the cub scouts, as they see insects along the way, take that picture and put it on the yarn necklace.  Be sure to tie the yarn ends in a bow so it will be easy to untie and add a new picture on the yarn necklace as the boys find insects.  Then when they get home, have them look up information about that insect on these two internet sites:  or  hppt://
Wolf Adventure - Paws on the Path - Requirement 6
Go on a 1 mile hike with your den or family.  Watch and record two interesting things that you've never seen before.
Wolf Adventure - Paws on the Path - Requirement 7
Name two birds, two insects, and two other animals that live in your area.  Explain how you identified them.
Bear Adventure - Fur, Feathers & Ferns - Requirement 1
While hiking or walking for one mile, identify six signs that any mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, or plants are living nearby the place where you choose to hike.
Bear Adventure - Fur, Feathers & Ferns - Requirement 4
Observe wildlife from a distance.  Describe what you saw.
Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure - Into the Wild - Requirement 1
Collect and care for an "insect, amphibian, or reptile zoo." You might have crickets, ants, grasshoppers, a lizard, or a toad. Study them for a while and then let them go.  Share your experience with your Webelos den.
Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure - Into the Wild - Requirement 6
Identify an insect, reptile, bird, or other wild animal that is found only in your area of the country.  Tell why it survives in your area.

Insect Cookies - Cub Scouts Can Make

This idea was taken from this web site:
These cookies will not turn out perfectly. However, this project involves cookies and chocolate so I am pretty sure the cub scouts will think it is awesome!
You will want to make these cookies at the beginning of the meeting, so that they can harden in the refrigerator and the boys can eat their cookie for dessert at the end of their den or pack meeting.

Snyder's Mini Pretzels, Mini M&M's, Chocolate Chips, Nutter Butter Cookies, Wax paper, small paper plates, scissors, black marker, cutting board, cutting knife, table knife, a wooden skewer ( I used a corn skewer), melting pot (I used a make shift double boiler) and a refrigerator.

1)Before your den or pack meeting, heat up your chocolate chips in your melting pot or double boiler.  I used a couple of pans and a clay pot as my double boiler.  Be sure to keep an eye on it so the water does not boil completely away in the bottom pan.  Also, use a hot pad when touching the bowl with the chocolate in it.  After I heated my chocolate chips and stirred it, I found it lasted between an hour to an hour and a half for this project.

2) While the chocolate is melting, cut up the pretzels as shown. Be sure to cut slowly and evenly over the surface or your pieces will become crumbs.  I recommend doing this for your cub scouts  before your meeting because it is challenging to cut the perfect pieces.

4) Have the cub scouts write their names on the edge of their small plates. Then cut up some wax paper to fit the size of the plates.

1)First spread chocolate with a table knife around the edge of the cookie.  Then scrap off any chocolate that got on the bottom of the cookie and place it on the wax paper.

2) While the cookies are sitting on the plate, spread chocolate on top. (Note: for this project, the boys will not be putting chocolate on the bottom of the cookie in the interest of easiness and time).
3) After they spread the chocolate, have them lick their fingers and wash their hands before preceding to the next step.

4) In the picture above, take note that one side of the pretzel piece is straight while the other is slanted.  You want to dip the end that is straight in the chocolate.  This piece then can lie against the cookie for better contact. Repeat for all the insect legs.

4) When putting on an antenna after dipping one end in the chocolate, have the cub scouts hold it in place on the cookie while counting to 100. Repeat for second antenna.

4) Take a skewer and with the dull end, dip it into the chocolate. Then put the small dollop of chocolate  on the end of the skewer just below one of the antennas.  Afterwards, take a mini M&M and place it on top of the chocolate dollop.  Repeat for the second eye.
5) Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes.
6) When the chocolate has hardened, take off the wax paper. All that is left to do if for the   cub scouts to enjoy eating their insect!

6) Just for your information, here is a picture of what the bottom of the insect cookies look like. 

Note: If any of your boys have allergies to peanuts, you can use Milano cookies instead of the Nutter Butter cookies.  You could also make a Ladybug out of Oreo cookies.  Just look for Oreo Ladybugs on pinterest. 
Tiger Adventure - Games Tiger Bites - Requirement 5
Talk with your adult partner about what foods you can eat with your fingers. Practice your manners when eating them.
Wolf Elective Adventure - Code of the Wolf - Requirement 3a -(You can do this with the M&Ms used for the eyes)
With your den, find something that comes with many small, colored items in one package. Count the number of items of each color in your package. Keep track o f each color. Then:
i.Draw a graph showing the number of  items of each color.
ii.Determine what the most common color is.
iii.Compare your results to the other boys’.
iv.Predict how many items of each color you will find in one more package.
v.Decide if your prediction was close.
Bear Elective Adventure - Bear Picnic Basket - Requirement 1a - (
This snack may not be nutritious, but they can include the recipe in their cookbook)
Create your own Bear cookbook using at least five recipes you can cook or prepare either on your own or with some adult help.  Include one page with information about first aid.  You should include one recipe for a breakfast item, one for lunch, and one for dinner, and two recipes for nutritious snacks.
Bear Elective Adventure - Bear Picnic Basket - Requirement 1b
Prepare for cooking by explaining the importance of planning, tool selection, and cooking safety.
Bear Elective Adventure - Bear Picnic Basket - Requirement 1c
Go on a grocery shopping trip with your den or with an adult.  Check the price of different brands of one single item, and compare the price of a ready-made item with the price of the same item you would make yourself.
Bear Elective Adventure - Bear Picnic Basket - Requirement 2a
With the help of an adult, select one food item, and follow a recipe to prepare it for your family in your kitchen.  Clean up after the preparation and cooking.

Audience Participation/Game
Story - The Bug Ball (Taken from October 2016's Pack Meeting Plans found online)
Divide the group into four smaller groups and assign each group one of the words and responses listed. Practice as you make assignments. As the narrator reads the story, he or she should pause after each of the words is read for the group to make the appropriate response.
Bees: “Bzzzzzz”
Butterflies: “Flutter, flutter”
Ants: “Hut 2, 3, 4”
Grasshoppers: “Chirp, chirp”
Bug(s): All at the same time
Narrator: “Every bug in Bugville was excited for the annual Bug Ball. The bees were buzzing and polishing up the dance floor. The butterflies were fluttering around putting up the decorations. The ants were carrying in all the food on their backs. The grasshoppers were hopping around getting the music ready. “Then disaster struck. The bees got mad at the ants for walking across their clean dance floor. Next, the butterflies fluttered over and knocked over the grasshoppers’ stack of music. The grasshoppers were so mad they started pulling down the decorations put up by the butterflies. The bees gave up and started eating all of the ants’ refreshments.
“It looked like there wasn’t going to be an annual Bug Ball in Bugville. All the bugs looked at each other and said, ‘Don’t bug me anymore.’

“Then one little ant spoke up. ‘We all have to work together,’ he said. So the grasshoppers helped put the decorations back up. The ants helped stack all the music back up. The butterflies fluttered and helped polish up the floor, and the bees buzzed out and got more refreshments. By working together, all the bugs in Bugville were able to have the best Bug Ball ever.”

Arrow of Light Adventure -Camper - Requirement 4
On a pack campout, work with your den leader or another adult to plan a campfire program with the other dens.  Your campfire program should include an impressive opening, songs, skits, a Cubmaster's minute, and an inspirational closing ceremony.

Cheers / Jokes
Centipede Yell: Group stands and yells: Ninety-nine THUMP!! Ninety-nine THUMP!! Ninety-nine THUMP!! This wooden leg is murder!!! Variation: MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!! Variation 2: My shoe bill is outrageous!!!
Inspiring Cheer: Pretend to go hiking up a mountain while standing in place and lifting your feet 6 times. Then put your hand over your brow to shade your eyes from the sun and say, "Wow! That is inspiring!"  As you say inspiring, spread your hands and arms out in front of you. 
Opening Brain Teaser Answer: 1) Jack  2) Rock  3) Head  4) Blue  5) Cold  6) Hot  7) Puppy