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Summer 2018 Cub Scout Day Camp at Heard Pueblo:  Register Today at:

Grand Canyon Council - District/Unit Service Realignment:  Click on the link to see the official letter.
What does this mean to you as Pack Leaders?  It means that the Districts in the Grand Canyon Council are being realigned to better meet everyone's needs.  So for the next 2 - 3 months they have a lot of paper work to do at Council transferring the records of all the Cub Scout and Boy Scout getting them in the right districts. They ask for you patience in this matter. 
What about roundtable?  The San Tan Cub Scout Roundtable will continue through May. Everyone is encouraged to come like normal.  When we know, we will let you know how each new district will go forward with their roundtables and where they will be.

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Wooden "I" Plaque - Apr2015 #1
Wooden Ping Pong Water Gun Game - Feb2016
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Hieroglyphic Canyon Webelos Day Hike - Jan2018 #2
Silly Mountain Webelos Day Hike - Jan2018 #1

2 Liter Bottles & Glow Bracelets - Oct2015
Painted Battery Candles - Nov2015
Light Up Bow & Arrow - Mar2017
Scout Law/AOL Light Up Tubes - Feb2018
String Arrow of Light Plaque -Jan2018 #1

Christmas Scout Story (use for Cub Master minute) - Nov2016
Circus Ideas:  For handing out awards - Aug2014
Space Theme Activities (Audience Brainstorm) - May2014
Scout Law Memorization Technique (actions for each Scout Law Point) - Jan2018 #2

2018Mar - Loyal/Cubs in the Future/Webelos-AOL Transition

For March's Round Table We Shared Ideas For
April's SLP: Loyal Theme Cubs in the Future Interest Topic: Webelos-AOL Transition

Opening Brain Teaser - This would be a great thing to write on the chalk or white board for boys and parents to have something to think about while they wait for everyone to arrive at a Pack or Den Meeting.  (An idea you could use would be to reward the cub scouts a piece of candy if they get it right).

"I have five letters in my name, and three of them are the same.  1,3,and 4 (that's an extra clue). I know what I'm called. Do You?"

 *Answer is at the end of this section. (scroll down)
(Riddle taken from: Just Joking Animal Riddles by J. Patrick Lewis; pg. 151 & 152)
Gathering Activity
The gathering activity is something for the cub scouts to do while everyone is arriving at your pack meeting.
Training Activities for Cub Scout Leaders of the Future1) Moon Jump
2) Space Walk
3) Rank Badge Assemble - Demonstrated at Roundtable (see below for some tips and pictures).
For instructions on how to do these three activities go to April 2018's pack meeting plans. Look for the word "Gathering" - Here is the link:  Note:  It will refer you to the Resource section for the details.  Scroll down to the end of the pack meeting plans to see the Resource section.    

1) Rank Badge Assembly - Demonstrated at Roundtable
I found a self adhesive magnet roll and cut it up and adhered the pieces to the back of the puzzle pieces.  However make sure your self adhesive is strong.  Mine was weak and the magnets separated from the puzzle pieces during the activity.  So I went home and used E6000 to re-adhere the magnets for the evening roundtable. 

  Click here to download the chart the Cub Scout Can Fill out to record their time to put their puzzle/s together: POSSIBLE REQUIREMENTS RELATED TO OR THAT CAN BE PASSED OFF - These are the updated requirements - November2016
Wolf Required Adventure Running with the Pack - Requirement 2
Practice balancing as you walk forward, backward, and sideways.
Wolf Required Adventure Running with the Pack - Requirement 3
Practice flexibility and balance by doing a front roll, a back roll, and a frog stand.
Wolf Required Adventure Running with the Pack - Requirement 5
Do at least two of the following: frog leap, inchworm walk, kangaroo hop, or crab walk.
Wolf Elective Adventure Code of the Wolf - Requirement 3b
With your den or family, measure the height of everyone in the group and see who takes more steps to walk 100 feet.
Wolf Elective Adventure Cubs Who Care - Requirement 4
With your den, try doing three of the following things while wearing gloves or mittens: 4a. Tying your shoes.  4b. Using a fork to pick up food.  4c. Playing a card game.  4d. Playing a video game.  4e. Playing checkers or another board game.  4f. Blowing bubbles.
Wolf Elective Adventure Paws of Skill - Requirement 1
Talk with your family or den about what it means to be physically fit. Shares ideas of what you can do to stay in shape.
Wolf Elective Adventure Paws of Skill - Requirement 2
With your family or den, talk about why it is important to stretch before and after exercising.  Demonstrate proper warm-up movements and stretches before and after each activity you do that involves action.
Wolf Elective Adventure Paws of Skill - Requirement 3
Select at least two physical fitness skills and practice them daily for two weeks.  See if you can improve during that time.
Wolf Elective Adventure Paws of Skill - Requirement 5
With your den, develop an obstacle course that involves five different movements.  Run the course two times and see if your time improves.
Arrow of Light Required Adventure Building a Better World - Requirement 5
Show that you are an active leader by planning an activity for your den without your den leader's help. Ask your den leader for approval first. Maybe have the cub scout organize a Gathering Activity for a Pack Meeting.
Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Aware and Care - Requirement 2
Engage in an activity that simulates mobility impairment.  Alternatively, take part in an activity that simulates dexterity impairment.
Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Aware and Care - Requirement 3
With your den, participate in an activity that focuses on the acceptance of differences in general.
Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Aware and Care - Requirement 4b
Invite an individual with a disability to visit your den, and discuss what activities he or she currently find challenging or found challenging in the past.
Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Aware and Care - Requirement 4d
Talk to someone who works with people who have disabilities.  Ask what that person does and how he or she helps people with disabilities.

Opening Flag Ceremony
This ceremony is found in April 2018 pack meeting plans:
Scouts in Space
A pre-assigned den performs the “Scouts in Space” opening skit.
(Six Cub Scouts are standing on stage looking up to the sky.)
Cub Scout 1: “What do you think is way out there in space?”
Cub Scout 2: “I think it’s mostly lots of dark space. But there are also billions and billions of stars, galaxies and solar systems, planets, and moons, and blazing comets.”
Cub Scout 3: “Yeah, and maybe in the future lots and lots of people!”
Cub Scout 4: “Think of how cool it will be to be a Cub Scout in space!”
Cub Scout 5: “Maybe we’ll have an adventure hiking on the planets or measuring the galaxy!”
(A sixth Cub Scout walks out dressed in a space helmet with a “Neil Armstrong” name tag.)”
Cub Scout 6:“Scouts have already been to space! I am an Eagle Scout. In 1969, I was the first person to walk on the moon, and I placed an American flag there! “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”
Den Chief or Den Leader: “Let’s all stand and remember the American flag flying on the moon. Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Audience Participation Activity
Den Outing of the Future: A Trip to Neptune (Similar to "Going On A Bear Hunt")

A great idea would be to have the audience follow along with you by clicking on the link above instead of making hard copies for everyone.
- Sit on a chair in front of the audience so that they can mirror your movements as you narrate the following story. 
 (This activity was in April 2018 Pack Meeting Plans:
POSSIBLE REQUIREMENTS RELATED TO OR THAT CAN BE PASSED OFF - These are the updated requirements - November2016
Tiger Elective Adventure Tiger Tales - Requirement 3
Read a tall tale with your parent/guardian or other caring adult.
Bear Elective Adventure Roaring Laughter - Requirement 1
Think about what makes you laugh.  Write down three things that make you laugh.
Bear Elective Adventure Roaring Laughter - Requirement 3
Create your own short story. Remove some nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs from the story, leaving blanks.  Without telling the story, have a friend insert his or her own nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and adverbs in the story you created.

Scout Law/AOL Light Up Tubes
   *Note: This completed project can be used three ways.
1) You can use it for an Arrow of Light Ceremony.  What you need to do is talk to the cub scout’s parents and den leader to find out when the cub scout demonstrated each of the Scout Law Points.  Then, when awarding the cub scout his Arrow of Light, turn the sign to the AOL side and light up the tubes one by one with a flash light as you mention what the cub scout did for each Scout Law Point. 
2) This project can also be used at each pack meeting and especially for a Blue and Gold dinner by threading white Christmas lights in the tubes and then having everyone in attendance recite the Scout Law while enjoying the lighting effect. 
3)This display can help the boys memorize the Scout Law.  Have a contest between the dens to see who can put the PVC tubes with the Scout Law Points in order on the two poles of the display. 
1) The wood sign can be wood burned, painted or Modge Podged.
2) You could just stain the wood and not laquer.
3) You could paint the tubes all the same color (like red) or just use three colors instead of 6 (like blue, gold and silver).
Materials: Two 10ft 2" diameter PVC Pipes (cut into Twelve 18" long tubes), two wooden dowels 3/4" diameter at least 35 1/2 inches in length, spray paint (Whatever color/s you want), rubbing alcohol, a pack of wooden cooking skewers, 200 and 400 grain sand paper and , two wooden blocks measuring  4”x4”x15" long (You could buy one 4x4 and have them cut it Home Depot as an option), copy paper, printer, black marker, one piece of wood 0.25” x 5.5” x 2 ft (I found mine at Home Depot), bright flash light, A white strand of 150 LED mini Christmas lights, 18 Gauge Steel Galvanized Wire.
Tools Needed: drill press, drill press vise, 2 clamps, 7/8" drill bit (For the holes on each end of the PVC Tubes that the dowels will go through), 3/4" drill bit (for the holes in the 4x4 wood feet), 1/8" drill bit (to make the holes for the words in the PVC tubes), 1/4" drill bit to dot the i in the words), Electric Miter Saw (To cut the dowels & PVC pipes), straight ruler, right angle ruler, needle nose pliers with wire cutting ability, scroll saw or band saw.  For the Sign: wood burning kit OR Printer and Paper and Modge Podge, OR paint, paint brush and letter templates  depending on which method you decide to use.

1) Using the Electric Miter Saw, cut the dowels so they are 35 1/2" in length and then sand them smooth.

2) Take the 2 PVC 10ft pipes and cut twelve 18" long tubes with the electric miter saw. (Note: The two tubes left over can be used to test your skill and measurements when drilling holes for the wooden dowels and words).

3) (THESE 1" T-CONNECTOR PVC PIECES WILL HOLD THE SIGN)  First draw two diagonal lines starting from the curve of the pipe to the center seam. (The seam is what is created when they manufacture the T-connectors). These two lines need to be 1/4 inch apart (The width of the wooden sign you will be wood burning later). Then color in between the lines with black marker.  The result should look like what you see in picture #1 above. Where you filled in with black marker, this section needs to be cut out. Using either a band saw or a miter saw, first make two diagonal cuts INSIDE the black area on both sides. Then proceed to make more cuts cutting away all the black area little by little. 

3) Using a ruler, find the very middle on one of the sides of a  4”x4”x15” wood block and mark the spot with a black marker.  Using the drill press and a 3/4" drill bit, drill a hole almost all the way through the 4”x4”x15” block. Repeat with the second 4”x4”x15” piece of wood. (Be sure you drill the same depth for both woodblocks. Then sand them.

4) For this step you will need to mark two center points exactly in a straight line for two drilling holes on both ends of all the 18" PVC pipes. (These holes will be for the dowels to go through.) To begin you will need to make a template. First take a straight piece of wood and place it on the floor of your garage.  With a ruler measure and mark on the piece of wood 18" from one of the ends (this is the length of the PVC tubes you cut earlier). Then inside of this 18" distance make two marks 1-1/2" from both ends.  Place the PVC tube on the floor right up against the wood.  Using the 1-1/2" marks on the wood you just made as a guide, draw the matching marks on the 18" PVC pipe. Be sure the dots you make on the PVC tube is right next to dots on the wood. (These dots are your drilling center points) This will ensure your drilling center points on the PVC tube are in-line with each other.  Repeat for all of the 18" PVC tubes.
5) Using the 7/8" drill bit and the drill press, You will be drilling holes for the dowels exactly at a 90 degree angle starting at the center point marks you just made on all of the 18" PVC pipes. The center point marks in these directions will be consider the TOP of the PVC pipes. When setting everything up to drill the holes, first make sure the drill press table top is high enough so that the drill bit will be able to penetrate both the TOP and BOTTOM of the pipe. In other words, for each drilling action, you will be drilling two holes; drilling through the TOP, passing through the middle, and then drilling through the BOTTOM .  Next, you will need to place one of the 18" PVC pipes into a Drill Press Vice.  Make sure the center point mark is rotated so it is on top.  Slide the Drill Press Vice to the position you want and clamp it down. Before drilling any holes, eye-ball the position of the drill bit above the pipe by looking down the shaft of the pipe at the same time looking at the position of the drill bit. This is to make sure the drill bit is hitting the very top of the pipe which ensures that the hole being drilled will be perfectly perpendicular to the pipe’s center. It took a bit of tweaking to make sure the drill bit was not wobbling, the drill press vice was clamped down in the position needed and the PVC pipe was rotated to a 90 degree angle with the center point mark exactly on top right underneath the drill bit. After drilling the first time, repeat for the other end of the 18" PVC pipe.  Now repeat for the rest of the PVC pipes. SUGGESTION; before drilling through any of the 18"PVC pipes, first practice on one of the left over PVC pipes created when you cut them earlier.
6) Insert the dowels into the 4”x4”x15” wooden block feet.  Then as you finish drilling the holes in each of the 18" PVC pipes, slide them on. Note: you do not have to place tape on the tubes as shown in the pictures, but it does help to keep them together if you plan on moving the whole display around.  
7) Print the words of the Scout Law using the font: Calibri Light at 140 in gray ink. Part of some of the words will be on more than one line; that's ok.    
8) Cut the paper into  word strips as shown in the picture above.  Then using a piece of paper (Green in this case) align the letters of the longer words in a straight line and tape them together.  Lastly cut off all excess paper. 
9) With a black marker you will be marking the drilling holes for the letters. To do this first place a dot at the ends of the letters and at each junction of each letter.  Then fill in more dots spacing them as shown in the pictures above.

10) With the Tube Stand you made and set up earlier, tape the words onto the tubes so you can see the placement of each one in connection with the other words on the other tubes. (You want to make sure they are all facing the front and centered on each tube). 
11) DRILLING HOLES FOR THE WORDING:  Using a drill press and a 1/8" drill bit, drill holes through the paper and the PVC tubes where you made all the black marker dots except for the letter 'i' dots.  Then using a 1/4" drill bit, drill holes for the letter 'i' dots. (A GOOD IDEA: With the extra PVC tubes that were left over, it would be a good idea to use these to practice on first). 

12) Using 220 grit sand paper, lightly sand all the tubes in preparation for paint.

13) Clean both the outside and inside of each PVC tube using wet paper towels.  To do the inside I made a wade of wet paper towels and pushed it through with one of the dowels.

14) Take one 8 x 11.5 sheet of paper and roll it up. Stick it in one end of a PVC tube; letting it unroll once inside. Make sure the end of the paper is flush with the end of the tube. Repeat with another 8 x 11.5 sheet of paper on the other end of the PVC tube.  Then repeat this process with all the other PVC tubes.

15) Put Painters tape on the very end of the tube. Push the tape inside the tube to keep the paper from slipping further inside. (I did not bother to do this, so a little bit of paint did get inside the tube).  

15) Put painters tape on the two PVC T-connectors as shown.   

16) GETTING READY TO SPRAY PAINT: Set down some newspaper with rocks placed on the corners to hold it down so it does not blow in the wind.  Stick three cooking wooden skewers in the ground for each PVC tube to hold it up.  You will want to spread the upper end of the skewers slightly apart as this will hold the PVC tubes in place.
16) For the T-Connectors, you will need to put only one wooden skewer into the ground for each t-connector.
17) Spray paint the tubes the colors you want. I painted two tubes of each of these colors: blue, red, yellow, green, purple and orange. Once the paint was somewhat dry, I placed them in the house and let them dry until the paint was no longer sticky to the touch.
17) Do the same with the T-Connectors.

18) Sand the p
iece of wood 0.25” x 5.5” x 2 ft (I found mine at Home Depot).
19)Print off the words: A SCOUT IS in all capitals in the font: Calibri at 350. Then print off the two halves of the Arrow of Light:
AOL Symbol - Left side:
AOL Symbol - Right side:
20) Line up the letters and the arrow of Light picture and tape together the papers.  Then cut off the excess paper. 
21) Tape them to the window with the print side facing outside.  Then with a pencil, scribble over the back side of the letters and the Arrow of Light Symbol.

22) Then tape them to both sides of the piece of wood 0.25” x 5.5” x 2 ft. Using a ruler, make sure they are centered.
23) Using a writing device, draw over the outline of the letter and Arrow of Light symbol. When you pull back the paper, you should see that the picture transferred.
24) First wood burn the outline and then you can fill in the letter with whatever design you want.
25) Stain and lacquer the poles and the feet. For the sign (not shown in the picture) either use a very light stain or no stain at all before lacquering so that you can still see the wood burning.
26) You will want a strand of 100 LED WHITE CORD Christmas lights. (If it is not around the Christmas season when you are making this craft, try buying them online). NOTE: Only use LED mini lights! What happened to me was I first tried using regular mini lights.  While I was trying to push them inside the PVC tubes, one mini would go out followed by 10 to 12 more and the strand became useless.  Plus they got too hot.  Then using twist ties divide the lights into 12 groups.  8 groups should have 8 mini lights and the other 4 groups should have 9 mini lights.  Your mini light cord should look something like the picture above after you have divide your mini lights into groups.

27) Then take each group and stretch it out. Using the 18 Gauge wire, wrap it around the stretched out strands as seen above.
28) After stacking the tubes one by one on the poles, thread the strands of lights though the tubes on one side of the display making sure the outlet cord, that needs to be plugged in, is at the bottom.

29) Place the two T-connectors on top and then place the sign on top of that.

29) Plug it in and enjoy looking at your creation!
POSSIBLE REQUIREMENTS RELATED TO OR THAT CAN BE PASSED OFF - These are the updated requirements - November2016
Tiger Elective Adventure - My Family's Duty to God - Requirement 2
Find out what makes each member of your family special.
Tiger Elective Adventure - Stories in Shapes - Requirement 1b
Create an art piece.
Webelos/AOL  Elective - Art Explosion - Requirement 2
Create two self-portraits using two different techniques, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and computer illustration. (Gift for mom or Dad)
Webelos/AOL  Elective - Art Explosion - Requirement 3d
Create a freestanding sculpture or mobile using wood, metal, papier-mache, or found or recycled objects. (Gift for mom or Dad)
Webelos/AOL  Elective - Art Explosion - Requirement 3f
Use a computer illustration or painting program to create a work of art. (Gift for mom or Dad)
Webelos/AOL  Elective - Art Explosion - Requirement 3h
Using a camera or other electronic device, take at least 10 photos of your family, a pet, or scenery.  Use photo-editing software to crop, lighten or darken, and change some of the photos.. (Gift for mom or Dad)

Den Meeting Reward Jar

Materials: 2 empty and washed Pub Mix Jars(One to hold lids in and the other one to put lids in), Adhesive of your choice, 1 color piece of paper (I am using red), 1 print out of the reward instruction paper, 1 pair of scissors, 1 ruler, pencil, and lots of lids; washed and dried. (The LARGE LIDS came from peanut butter jars.  The MEDIUM LIDS came from mayonnaise or salad dressing jars. The SMALL LIDS came from water bottles, pop bottles, Gatorade bottles & milk jugs).
1) Ask all your friends to help your collect enough lids to fill one of the Pub Mix jars.
2) Wash them with soap and water.  Then dry them.

3) From the colored piece of paper, Measure a section that is 3 1/2 inches by 8 inches.  Then cut inside the lines.

4) Print the Instruction Label by clicking here:  It should be 3 inches by 7 1/2 inches.
5) Cut it out by cutting just outside of the border line.

6) Using your favorite glue, adhere the label to the colored piece of paper first.

7) Then glue it to one of the Pub Mix jars.

8) Use the Pub Mix jar that you did nothing with to keep the lids in.  When the Cub Scouts do a task, have them pull out a corresponding lid and put it in the Pub Mix jar with the new label.  When the Pub Mix jar with the new label is filled, then the Den gets to have a reward.
1) Ice cream bars for everyone.
2) Cinnamon rolls for everyone.
3) Buy a bunch of small toys at the dollar store or in the birthday section of Walmart or Target.  Put these in a treasure box and have them pick from the treasure box.
4) Get to play basket ball for  1/2 hour.
5) Watch a movie with popcorn.
6) Spend time jumping on a trampoline or swinging on a swing set.
7) Get to play soccer for 1/2 hour.
8) Get pizza.
9) Make No Bake Cookies and eat them.
10) Make bread pretzels (Boys would enjoy twisting their own pretzel into their favorite shape).
11) Read them a fun book while wearing a hat and making different voice inflections for the characters: SUGGESTIONS FOR BOOKS (These are books I have read and enjoyed and know you would enjoy them to).
a) Kat Kong by Dav Pilkey
b) Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey
c)  The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone
d) Another Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone
e) Green Eggs & Ham by Dr. Seuss
f) Any book from the Click Clack Moo book collection by Doreen Cronin
g) Any book from the If Your Mouse Wants A Cookie book collection by Laura Joffe Numeroff 
h) Any book from the L'il Critters book collection by Mercer Mayer
i) Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre
j) Any book from the Jimmy's Boa Constrictor book collection by Trinka Hakes Noble
k) Winnie's Midnight Dragon by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul
l) There was a Coyote who swallowed a Flea by Jennifer Ward
m) Duck at the Door by Jackie Urbanovic
n) Go Dog Go by P.D. Eastman
o) Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson & Alel Scheffler
p) Big Bear Small Mouse by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman
I am sure there are a lot more fun books out there! So Go Forth and Enjoy READING!

Cheers / Run-ons
Blast Off Cheer: Start counting backwards from 10 to 1.  Bend your knees a little more on each count, until you are in a squatting position.  Then jump straight up in the air while saying, "Blast Off!"
Big Thumb Cheer: Hold out a hand at arm's length, make a fist with the thumb up.  Then say, "Great job!"

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