Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cooperation/Under the Big Top

At August's Round Table we shared ideas for
September's Core Value and Theme
Core Value: Cooperation
Theme: Under the Big Top

September Pack Meeting Plans:Cooperation” AND “Under the Big Top

Gathering Activity
Circus Photo Booth

Opening Ceremony
Under the Big Top

 10 Cub Scouts in circus costumes. (Or if you are short on boys, use 5 and double the parts.)

Cards with circus pictures facing the audience. Parts are written on the back in large print.

Cub #1:
Under the Big Top is the theme for tonight. We love circuses and think it is a dilly;

Cub #2:
Both circuses and little boys can sometimes be quite silly.

Cub #3:
Den leaders find it a natural to do this kind of show.

Cub #4:
They run a three-ring circus every single week, you know.

Cub #5:
At a circus there is shouting, roaring, stamping, whistles tooting;

Cub #6:
Tumbling, pushing, falling, wrestling, and a rolling and a-rooting.

Cub #7:
At den meetings things keep moving, constant motion, constant noise.

Cub #8:
There are lots of things in common between circuses and boys.

Cub #9:
We’ve put all the dens together; it’s not Ringling Brothers, you know.

Cub #10:
But we think you will enjoy it, so let's get on with the show.

Training Topic
Join Scouting Night” (begins on p. 45):

Circus Ideas For Handing Out Awards

1) Put slips of paper telling which award the Scout is getting inside blown up balloons and have them throw darts to pop the balloons.
2) Have the boys walk a pretend tightrope holding an umbrella. If they make it to the other side they receive their award.
3) Make a cardboard cutout of a lion’s mouth. They boys receive their awards if they are brave enough to put their heads in the lion’s mouth.
4) Have the boys wear a clown costume and ride a mini-bike through an obstacle course to receive an award.
5) Attach awards to the inside of a blow-out noisemaker and when the boys blow the paper to unroll it they will see the award.
6) Have the boys perform a feat of strength by lifting a “heavy” barbell to receive their award.

Cooperation Run-Ons

All during the meeting, boys suddenly appear and demonstrate working together to do something – choose activities that require more than one person – in other words cooperation.  Here are some possibilities:
1)  Folding a Flag – one boy comes out, tries to fold the flag, then says, “Hey I need another set of hands”   Another boy or boys appears, and together, they get the job done.
2)  Playing catch – one boy comes out, says “Wish I had someone to play catch with!”  Another boy joins him, and they toss the ball back and forth a couple of times.
3)  A boy comes out with a big stack of newspapers, which he drops so they scatter all over the floor.  “Oh, no – look at this mess.  Wish I had some help!”  Another boy or boys appear and they get the papers stacked in no time and leave.
4)  A boy comes out with a paint can and a paint brush – he pretends to look at a very LONG fence.  “I’ll never get this fence painted in time to play ball” he says,  “Wish I had some help!”  Out comes another boy or even several boys with a brush – together they make motions of painting the whole length of the fence.
After each run on, either the boy or a Leader says, “Great. Now that’s what I call Cooperation!”


Ferris Wheel (Swing your arm in a large circle. When you go up, everyone says “oooh!” and when you go down, everyone says “ahhh!”)

Strongman (Pretend to lift a barbell, straining with all your might. Grunt “ah, ah, ahhh” as you lift and “THUD” when you drop the barbell to the floor.)

Elephant (Everyone makes a trunk with their arms and makes elephant trumpeting noises.)

Heart & Sole (For someone who gives their heart and “sole” to Scouting. Everyone puts their hand over their heart and then touches one hand to one of the soles of their feet.)