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#1 Responsibility/Dollars and Sense

At September's Round Table we shared ideas for
October's Core Value and Theme
Core Value: Responsibility
Theme: Dollars and Sense

October Pack Meeting Plans: “Responsibility” AND “Dollars and Sense

Gathering Activity
How Much Does It Cost

Have participants work in teams (or as individuals). Cut out pictures of different items of interest to Cub Scouts, and have these mounted around the room. Using your greatest diligence (searching high and low) try to come up with real, advertised best prices for those items. Ask the teams to guesstimate the price of each item, and then compare their guesses to the prices you found. Winner is the guess that comes closest without going over the correct price.

Alternate: Post several prices below each picture and ask people to choose the correct price.

Opening Flag Ceremony

Personnel: Cub Scouts enter, each holding posters with pictures of the United States flag on front and their lines on the back in large print. The narrator (Cubmaster or den leader) begins:

CM (DL): This month’s theme deals with dollars and sense, and the price we have to pay for things. In our country, we are privileged to experience the joy of freedom. But let us always remember that this privilege was not gained without a cost.

Cub #1: Stand up for the flag of America, wherever you may be.

Cub #2: Respect it and protect it, for it shall keep you free.

Cub #3: Free to do what you want to do, and say what you want to say.

Cub #4: Free to go where you want to go, and pray the way you want to pray.

Cub #5: Stand up for the flag of America, for all the world to see.

Cub #6: Stand up for the flag, that star-spangled flag, that stands for you and me.

ALL (or CM/DL): And now stand and all together say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Training Topic 

“Bobcat Badge” (begins on p. 48):

Audience Participation Activity
The Trade

Materials: 5 different toys (e.g., small boat, small truck, small teddy bear, small book, ball).

Personnel: 5 participants and a den chief. When the scene opens, each participant is playing with a toy.

Den chief: Long ago, before there was any money, everyone traded or bartered the things they didn’t need for the things they wanted.

Boy #1 (with boat): Hey, want to trade me for that truck?

Boy #2 (with truck): No way! But I might trade for a book.

Boy #1 goes to find #3, who has a book.

Boy #1: Hey, want to trade that book for a boat?

Boy #3 (with book): No way! But I might trade for a bear.

Boy #1 goes to find #4, who has a bear.

Boy #1: Hey, want to trade that bear for a boat?

Boy #4 (with bear): No way! But I might trade for a ball.

Boy #1 goes to find #5, who has a ball.

Boy #1: Hey, want to trade that ball for a boat?

Boy #5 (with ball): Sure! I always wanted a boat.

Boy #1 leaves the boat, takes the ball, and returns to #4.

Boy #1 (now with ball): Hey, want to trade that bear for a ball?

Boy #4 (with bear): Sure! I always wanted a ball.

Boy #1 leaves the ball, takes the bear, and returns to Boy #3.

Boy #1 (now with bear): Hey, want to trade that book for a bear?

Boy #3 (with book): Sure! I always wanted a bear.

Boy #1 leaves the bear, takes the book, and returns to Boy #2.

Boy #1 (now with book): Hey, I’ve got a book. Want to trade for the truck?

Boy #2 (with truck): No, but have you got a boat?

Boy #1 runs off, screaming for his boat.


Nickel’s Worth: Flip your thumb as though flipping a coin, and then catch it and slap it on the back of your hand. Then yell “Heads, a winner!”

Flip a Coin: If it’s heads everyone cheers. If it’s tails everyone claps.

Dollar Bill: Toss a dollar bill into the air. The audience claps while it is falling. Vary how long it takes to fall by catching it midair at different stages.

Heads and Tails: Divide the audience into two groups. One yells “Heads.”The other yells “Tails.” Point to one group and then the other, varying the speed until both groups are shouting in unison.

How to Clean Pennies

Edible Campfires:

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