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For the main meeting, we will teach everyone general information about Scoutbook.  Then for the Pack Leader's Breakout (Cub Chairs & Pri. Counselors) more in depth information about Scoutbook will be given.
Tour and Activity Plan -
It is no longer required to turn in a Tour and Activity Plan to the Scout Office.  (Effective April 1, 2017)  For FAQ click on this link

Cub Scout Requirements online -
Here is the link for the Cub Scout Requirements that Matt said he would give to you:  You can also access the online Addendum (booklets with Cub Scout Requirement changes that was handed out by Janis the Scout Store Rep. at the PM Roundtable) by looking on the right-hand side of this blog under "Resources."  Then click on "Adventure Requirements Addendum.

Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 -
The cub scouts in your pack can earn the Solar Eclipse patch by doing a few very simple requirements in connection with this event.  Here is the link that tell all about it.     NOTE: The scout store said they are out of patches and it would be a good idea for you to order yours on line ASAP.

1) Roundtable Calendar Agenda - Left-hand side of Blog under "San Tan Cub Scout Roundtable".
2) Flag Commands (Updated Aug2017) - Right-hand side of Blog under "Resources".
3) August 2017 Cub Scout News Letter - Left-hand side of Blog under "News Letters."
4) Camp Kaibab (Announced at Roundtable) - Left-hand side of Blog under "Events and Activities"
4) Cardinal's Pre-season Tickets, The Marvels Show, Wet N Wild, The Great Scout Movie Contest for Camperships -
Left-hand side of Blog under "Events and Activities"

 - Each idea shared at the all the roundtables has the month and year it was presented so you can find it by going to the Blog Archive (Right Hand side of this blog).
 - BE SURE TO CLICK ON the triangular arrows to navigate.
- Note: All requirements listed after each activity/project/game are the old ones (before Nov2016) unless stated otherwise
12 Days of Cub Scouts - Nov2015
American Is Special Chain - Oct2013
Animal Scramble - Feb2014
Braille Name Card - Feb2015
Camping Word Search - Nov2016
Circus Photo Booth - Aug2014
Faith Quotes, Who Said It? - Jan2016
Five Pointed Stars In One Snip - Oct2014
Funny Caption For A Picture - Aug2016 #2
Geometrical Structures - Jan2014
Guess That Ball Game - Apr2016
Guess that Dad - May2017
Helping Hands - Sep2015 #1
How Much Does It Cost - Oct2014 #1
Hula Hoop Spider Web - Aug2016 #1
Inch Worm Pencil Craft - Aug2016 #1
Kim's Game: Remember The Campfire Tools - Nov2016
Kim's Game: Hiking - Apr2014
Kim's Game: Musical Instruments - Mar2016
Leave No Trace Principles - April2017
Mini Olympics - Apr2015 #1
Movement Challenges - Apr2015 #2
My Story Mystery Game - Jun2014
Name That Boat - Mar2017
Name That Tool - Feb2016
Paper Snowflakes - Nov2013
Patch Matching Game - Oct2016
Planet Quiz - May2014
Recycle Bingo - Jan2015
Scale (very simple) - Feb2017
Silly Sally - Jan2016
Snake In My Boot - Aug2017
Sports Ball Name Tags - Jun2015
Taste Test Fruit - Apr2015 #2
Tortoise & Hare Racers - Nov2014
We Salute You Word Search - May 2016
Where Are You From? - Mar2014

3 Colored Candles - Jan2016
6 Essentials - Mar2017
Always Do Your Best - Feb2014
Building Character (Tools) - Feb2016
Cheer-ful - Nov2016
Conserve Fuel - Aug2015
Cub Scout - Aug2016 #2
Eagles - Apr2016
Family  Tree - Mar2014
Family Responsibilities - May2017
Fishing For Fun - Jun2015
Four Directions NWSE - Aug2016 #1
Freedom - Oct2014 #1
Go For The Gold - Apr2015 #1
Hello (In Different Languages) - NOv2013
Helping Other People - Sep2015 #1
Hero Opening - Sep2015 #2
Invention Convention - Jan2014
It is Just A Piece Of Cloth - Oct2014 #2
Johnny Appleseed - Jun2014
Litter To Glitter - Jan2015
Live Healthy - April 2017
Out In Space - May2014
Prisoner of War American Flag - Oct2014
STEM - Feb2017
The Rights of Americans - Oct2013
Trailblazers (Heroes) - Jun2014
Under the Big Top - Aug2014
We Salute You - May2016
Words of Wisdom - Nov2014
Cowboy's Philosophy - Aug 2017

Activity - Christmas With the Right Family - Nov 2013
Activity - Favorite Memory - Nov2016
Activity - Guess That Sound - Aug2016 #1
Activity - Move Cups with A Rubber Band (Teaching Team Work) - May2017
Activity - My Aunt Came Back - Jan 2016
Activity - Name Song From Beat - Mar2016
Activity - Rope Taut Circle (Family Involvement/Team Work)
Activity - Streamer Throw - Jan 2017
Activity - Stretches - Apr2015 #1
Chant - Going On A Scout Hike - Apr 2014
Game - A-Mace-ing - Oct2016
Game - Bean Game - Spe2015 #1
Game - Line'em Up Toss - Apr2016
Game - Nail Driving Contest - Feb2016
Game - Name That Food - April2017
Game - Oven Mitt - Feb2015
Game - Paper Plate Tic Tac Toe - Aug2016 #2
Game - Round The Moon - May2014
Game- Safe Swim Defense Jeopardy - Mar2017
Game - Tumbling Towers - Jan2015
Quiz - Sports - Jun2015
Race - Marshmallow Straw - Nov2015
Race - Potato Hop - Apr2015 #1
Race - Tissue Sprint - April2015 #2
Skit - Going the Distance - May 2016
Skit - Measurement Problem - Feb2017
Skit - The Important Meeting - Oct2013
Skit - The Trade - Oct2014 #1
Skit - Invisible Pet - Feb2014
Skit - Cooperation Run-ons - Aug2014
Song - American Legends - Jun2014
Song - Family Trees - Mar2014
Song - Give Me a Place Song - Aug 2017
Story - Christmas With the Right Family - Nov2014
Story - Cyber Hero - Sep2015 #2
Story - Smokey Bear - Apr2015 #2
Animal Bottle Caps - Jan2015  (Blue and Gold Invitations)
Beach Ball Get To Know You - Jan 2016
Bird Feeder (Made from TP Roll) Apr2016
Blessing Bags - Sep2015 #1
Bottle Cap Hero Ornaments (To go on small Christmas Tree) - Sep2015 #2
Brown Paper Lunch Sack Family Tree - Mar2014
Clean Water Experiment - Aug2015
Den Position Stand - Feb2016
Dodge Ball  - Apr2016
Duct Tape Fish - Jun2015
Edible Campfires - Oct2014 #1
Egg Drop - Feb2017
Family History Picture Story Page - Mar2015
Family Tree Chart - Mar2015
Famous People DVD's (Heroes/Faith) - Mar2015
Father's Day Picture Stand - May2016
Father's Day Popsicle Stick Plaque - Apr2015 #1
Father's Day Salt Dough Hand Key Holder - May2017
Firework Neckerchief Slide - Oct2014
Flag Block Base (For Table Top) - Jun2015
Flag Pole Base (#10can & PVC Pipe) - Feb2016
Food Facts Concentration Game - Apr2015 #2
Food Facts Place Mats - Apr2015 #2
Friends R Fun Hat - Jan2016
Genus Kits - Jan2014
Gratitude Journal - Jan2017
Gummy Bear Ice Cube Poppers - May2016
Honesty Lesson (Penny & Washer) - Jun2015
How to Clean Pennies - Oct2014 #1
Insect Cookies - Aug2016 #1
Insect Hiking Necklace (Arizona Desert Critters) - Aug2016 #1
Invention Device (use to hand out awards) - Jan2014
Jump Star Jar (5 Minute Time Filler Ideas) - Oct2016
Make Your Own Lyrics - Mar2016
Marble Tubes Game (TP Rolls & Popcorn box) - Feb2016
Medals (Felt) - Apr2015 #1
Mind Reading Trick - Aug2016 #2
Minion Planter - April2017
Mother Cub Scout Pin Ribbon - Oct2016
Mother's Day Flowers (Water Bottle) - Feb2015
Mother's Day Plaque - Apr2016
Music Cards Story - Mar2016
My Family STICKS Together - Mar2014
Nativity (TP Rolls) - Nov2016
Obedient Paper Ball - Apr2016
Planter (TP Rolls) - Feb2015
Pudding Reindeer - Nov2016
PVC Flag Pole (Can Use Outdoors) - Nov2016
PVC Person - Sep2015 #2
Recipe - Ants On a Log - April2017
Recipe - Pecan Cranberry Ranch Chicken Salad - April2017
Robot (Recycle Materials) - Aug2015
San Sculptures - Apr2014
Scale (Recycle Materials) - Jan2015
Scout Law Memorization Idea - Sep2015 #1
Secret Service Mission - Sep2015 #1
Skee Ball - May2017
Snowflake (Curled Paper Strips) - Nov2015
Solar Oven (Pizza Box) - Aug2015
Star Constellations Gazers - Aug 2017
STEM Apron - Feb2017
Thank You Card for Leaders - Mar2015
Thank You Card for Speakers - Mar2015
Thank You Cards - Aug2016 #2
Thank You Ideas - Apr2016
Time Capsule Envelope (Open at Eagle Court of Honor) - Mar2015
Torch Snack (Torch is made of paper) - Apr2015 #1
Totem Pole (#10 cans) - Jan2015
Water Bottle Fish - Mar2017
Water Bottle Holder (Learning Knots) - Aug 2017
Water Pail Race - May2016
Wooden Announcement Board (Cubs of the Roundtable) - Oct2016
Wooden "I" Plaque - Apr2015 #1
Wooden Ping Pong Water Gun Game - Feb2016
Yellow Sticky Notes of Praise - Jan2017

2 Liter Bottles & Glow Bracelets - Oct2015
Painted Battery Candles - Nov2015
Light Up Bow & Arrow - Mar2017

Christmas Scout Story (use for Cub Master minute) - Nov2016
Circus Ideas:  For handing out awards - Aug2014
Space Theme Activities (Audience Brainstorm) - May2014

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